Making Satellite Pies

Making Satellite Pies

In Clustered PyROS we already mentioned second Raspberry Pi (PiZero), but didn't show how to make one. This is a quick post with picture to show how easy it is.

First we need parts:


For our previous rovers we fetched 3 (or more) flat USB cables with as small micro USB side so it can nicely fit in the rover. Cutting those cables in half left us with USB A side - ideal for this purpose! Thin, flat cable works the best in this case.

Next is to strip wires. It makes perfect sense to make them appropriate length so each wire is pretty much as long as it needed to be but not much longer.

Preparing Wires

After that a small drop of tin on GND, 5+, D+ and D- pads of PiZero's.

Preparing PiZero

Same goes with ends of wires:

Preparing Wires 2

It makes sense securing USB wire before starting soldering. Piece of tape was used here:

Securing Wires

And here it is:

Securing Wires

Last thing was to secure all and maybe insulate a back of PiZero a bit:



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