Assembling Wheels

Assembling Wheels

Finally a pleasurable task: assembling rover wheels!

With all parts needed for one wheel hub printed...

All The Parts

... we can proceed with assembling the wheel hubs! Here are parts needed for one wheel hub along with tiny motor and AS5600 sensor on breakout board, along with printed wheel hub with copper rings:

Parts For One Wheel

First there's motor lid with the guard, second row shows motor holder and how motor is wedged in and on the last row we have completed motor holder.

Assembling Wheel Part 1

Now we can add the wheel to the motor shaft, and put the motor holder (without the lid) into wheel hub and then secure all with the lid.

Assembling Wheel Part 2

Next is to add bottom of holder for AS5600 sensor and secure it with a lid. Lid would keep that part of the hub secure and keep AS5600 in place.

Assembling Wheel Part 3

And finally - this is how rover now looks viewed from the bottom:



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